Data sent to Rasgo

When making calls to the PyRasgo, what data is sent to Rasgo and what remains on my local machine?

A quick way to see exactly what is sent to the Rasgo API is to assign the result of the rasgo method to a variable (in this case, r) and print out the contents of that variable after running the method.

r = rasgo.evaluate.feature_importance(df, target_column=target, exclude_columns=exclude_list, timeseries_index='DATE')

Here’s a general overview of what data is sent to the Rasgo API:

Method Data Sent with Rasgo API
rasgo.evaluate.profile() Values in dataframe No
rasgo.evaluate.profile() Statistics (mean, min, max, etc.) Yes
rasgo.evaluate.feature_importance() Values in dataframe No
rasgo.evaluate.feature_importance() Trained model No
rasgo.evaluate.feature_importance() Model predictions No
rasgo.evaluate.feature_importance() Mean absolute SHAP values Yes
rasgo.evaluate.feature_importance() Binned SHAP values Yes