AttributeError: 'Dataset' object has no attribute 'filter'

I am using pyrasgo version 1.4.3

I am submitting code like:

ds = ds.filter(filter_statements=[f"""VAR_TYP IN ('{"','".join([t for t in mytypelist])}')"""]

I am getting an error that says:

AttributeError: 'Dataset' object has no attribute 'filter'

The error stems from the request to get the transforms not working when we initialize the dataset object. Has nothing to do with the filter transform.

The API could have been down for a microsecond during our last update. Can you retry?

I just wanted to let you know that I retried and it worked

This was determined to be caused by a recent change to the API and pyrasgo - update your version to the latest version which is currently 1.4.4