Refresh_table() having issues

I am using pyrasgo version 1.2.0

I am submitting code like:

ds1 = rasgo.get.dataset(resource_key='customerdata')
ds2 = rasgo.get.dataset(resource_key='sales_data_cleaned')
ds3 = rasgo.get.dataset(resource_key='cube_viewby90')
ds4 = rasgo.get.dataset(resource_key='final_dashboard_source')

These datasets are all published with table_type=‘TABLE’ so that performance pulling from them is super fast.

Using jenkins, I run a script every morning like this:

for ds in [ds1,ds2,ds3,ds4]:

But the data doesn’t appear to be updating. Any ideas whats going on?

This is likely due to the refresh_table() of the first statement, not completing in Snowflake before the 2nd line runs.

We just pushed a fix to this behavior so that pyrasgo will wait until the job is totally done in Snowflake before returning.