Dataset with fqtn does not exist or this API key does not have access

I am trying to use rasgo.get.dataset(fqtn='vw_orders_main') but I am getting an error.

APIError: Dataset with fqtn 'vw_orders_main' does not exist or this API key does not have access.

When using rasgo.get.dataset(), you can either:

  • pass in a dataset_id

  • pass in a fully qualified table name (fqtn)

  • pass in a resource_key

From the appearance of the string you are using, I believe that is a resource key.

If you are using a variable called vw_orders_main to hold the FQTN string, then try it without the single quotes.


vw_orders_main = "DB.SCHEMA.TABLE"



or, if what you meant was resource_key,


A resource_key is randomly assigned when a dataset is published, unless you specify the string yourself (like it appears that you did). It provides you the ability to tie multiple datasets as 1, thus allowing “versions”.

Resource Links: get dataset, publish dataset

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yep that worked. I meant to use resource_key